Romsey Baptist Church has a thriving youth work and this is obvious during a Sunday morning service when, after twenty minutes or so, the young people leave to go to their groups. The church seems to be left half empty!

The Godzone groups are:

Creche – 0 to 3 years old
We have a dedicated room for babies and toddlers with age appropriate toys. Volunteers are available each week, but parents are more than welcome to stay. 
Kidzone – 3 years to year 1
This group, designed for pre-schoolers and those who are in their early years at school, has an informal feel to the session including a story, games, craft and snack time. We start with a worship song and end with a prayer. We are currently thinking about the superheroes of the Old Testament and after Easter we will be learning from Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
NRGzone – years 2 to 5
We start our session with news time, and an icebreaker activity. We have recently introduced Godly Play to this group and have a Godly Play session at least once a month. These sessions are empowering the children to wonder for themselves about some of the big stories in the Bible. We encourage questions and discussion and also want to develop the children’s ability to pray. We like the session to be as interactive as possible and use varying resources to maintain interest. We are currently thinking about the basics of the Christian faith and after Easter we will be learning from Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
Yzone – Years 6 to 9
Yzone is our Sunday morning provision for young people in years 6 – 9. Our teaching topics are a mix of following the adults and custom sessions based on key areas of the Bible. Regardless of the topic, the teaching is always delivered in a fun and engaging way that helps the young people see that God and church is a fun place to be. In the past we have done a deep dive on Abraham, following the highs and lows of his life, a study through the book of Philippians, and am currently looking at the topic of living stones, how do we live out the reality of who Jesus calls us to be.
The Mix
Occasionally all of the Godzone groups (excluding Yzone) join together for sessions filled with stories, games, craft and more! This term we will meet for The Mix throughout August.