What is 'WAVE'?   This is a difficult question...

Who is WAVE? is easy; a group of young people from year 9 upwards.

When?  7:45-9:30 on most Sundays after the evening service.

Where is WAVE? is not hard either: it is almost always at the same house in the Cupernham area of the town.

Why WAVE? gets close: teenagers grow into young adults fast, and small age gaps seem daunting. "There are no friends at church my own age, gender etc" seemed a common call, so WAVE aims to build friendships. It is, after all, often our friends who encourage and inspire us to come closer to God. So WAVE provides food (chilli, pizza, etc and pudding) and time to chill and chat. Some jam on the piano/guitars, others play games or puzzles some just sit and read, but there is lots of fun, laughter and friendship!

But what is WAVE? Mmmm... tricky. Wild, Awesome, Very Entertaining? Err; actually does anyone remember what it stands for?

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