Audio recordings of morning sermons are available on this page. From 22nd March 2020 these are the audio recordings of sermons from our virtual services during the coronavirus outbreak.

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 Date   Preacher   Theme    
2nd August Fiona Blaker Jesus speaks to the rich young man Luke 10:17-23 play.png
26th July Matt & Suzanne Gregory Mission update   play.png
19th July traditional service Jonathan Beer Psalm 24 Psalm 24 play.png
19th July morning service Jonathan Beer Loving your enemies Luke 6: 27-36 play.png
12th July Jonathan Beer Denial of self Matt 16: 23-26 play.png
5th July Jonathan Beer Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven Matt 7: 21-23 play.png
28th June John Parker Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power Eph 6: 10-18 play.png
21st June traditional service Jonathan Beer The Lord is My Shepherd Psalm 23 play.png
21st June morning service Jonathan Beer No limit to forgiveness Matt 8: 21 play.png
14th June Fiona Blaker The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven Matt 18: 1-5 play.png
7th June Testimony of Manoj Raithatha (video)   play.png
31st May Jonathan Beer Pentecost - the Promise Fulfilled Acts 2: 22-47 play.png
24th May Jonathan Beer The Broad & Narrow Paths & Gates Matt 7: 13-14 & John 14:6 play.png
17th May traditional service Jonathan Beer The Psalm of the Saviour Psalm 22 play.png
17th May morning service Jonathan Beer Lessons from Lockdown   play.png
10th May Jonathan Beer The requirement for suffering Luke 24: 13-35 play.png
3rd May All age service Fiona Blaker The Sheep & the Goats Matthew 25: 31-46 play.png
26th April Jonathan Beer Lessons from Judas Iscariot   play.png
19th April Jonathan Beer The Restoration of Peter   play.png
12th April Easter Sunday traditional service Jonathan Beer What a difference a chapter makes! Matthew 28: 1-10 play.png
12th April Easter Sunday morning celebration Jonathan Beer Easter Sunday morning Various play.png
10th April Good Friday   Jonathan Beer Focus on Calvary Luke 23: 13-43  play.png
5th April   Jonathan Beer Jesus washes the disciples' feet John 13 play.png
29th March   Jonathan Beer   Mark 14  play.png
22nd March   Jonathan Beer   Exodus 14: 1-21 play.png
15th March am Jonathan Beer God's Peace Mark 4: 35-41 play.png
8th March am Jonathan Beer David’s grace - Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9 play.png
1st March am John Parker God’s promise - David’s prayer 2 Samuel 7 play.png
23rd February am Jonathan Beer Wisdom of Abigail 1 Samuel 25 play.png
16th February am Jonathan Beer David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17 play.png
9th February am John Parker Saul's failure 1 Samuel 13-16 play.png
2nd February am Jonathan Beer Saul anointed 1 Samuel 8-10 play.png
26th January am John Parker God’s call of Samuel 1 Samuel 3 play.png
12th January am Jonathan Beer Hannah's Prayer 1 Samuel 1 play.png
5th January am Jonathan Beer Motto verse for 2020 Ephesians 6: 10-20 play.png


 Date    Preacher   Theme    
29th December am Jeremy Langdon End of Year   play.png
22nd December am Jonathan Beer With love from God to you   play.png
15th December am Fiona Blaker Simeon   play.png
8th December am Jonathan Beer Preparing for Advent  Hebrews 1:1-3 play.png
1st December am John Parker Our motto verse for 2019 - review Psalm 46:10 play.png
24th November am Jonathan Beer Patience in Suffering James 5:7-20 play.png
10th November am Jonathan Beer Warnings about Behaviour James 4:13-5:6 play.png
3rd November am John Parker Battles with the World James 4:1-12 play.png
27th October am Alun Richards Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12 play.png
20th October am John Parker Importance of faith and works James 2:13-26 play.png
13th October am Jonathan Beer Treatment of Others James 2:1-13 play.png
29th September am Jonathan Beer Hearing and Doing James 1:19-27 play.png
22nd September am Jonathan Beer Testing of your Faith James 1:1-18 play.png
15th September am Mark Sills Jonah - 4   play.png
25th August am Jonathan Beer Jonah - 3   play.png
18th August am John Parker Jonah - 2   play.png
11th August am Jonathan Beer Jonah - 1   play.png
4th August am Debs Niblett Simon the Sorcerer Acts 8 play.png
28th July am Jonathan Beer Stephen the Martyr Acts 7 n/a
21st July am        
14th July am John Parker Discipleship Explored - 8 Content in Christ play.png
7th July am Jonathan Beer Discipleship Explored - 7 Rejoicing in Christ play.png
 30th June am   Mat Gregory  Update from Albania   play.png
23rd June am Jonathan Beer Discipleship Explored - 6 Transformed in Christ play.png
9th June am John Parker Discipleship Explored - 5 Righteous in Christ play.png
2nd June am Jonathan Beer Discipleship Explored - 4 Obedient in Christ play.png
26th May am Jonathan Beer Discipleship Explored - 3   play.png
19th May am Jonathan Beer Discipleship Explored - 2   play.png
12th May am John Parker Discipleship Explored - 1 No recording available due to technical issues
5th May am Alun Richards Why the resurrection is so important   play.png
28th April am Jonathan Beer Seven Sayings from the Cross   play.png
21st April am   Easter Sunday celebration   play.png
14th April am Jonathan Beer Calvary in View - 6 John 18:1 - 19:16 play.png
7th April am Mark Sills Calvary in View - 5 John 17: 1-26 play.png
31st March am Jonathan Beer Calvary in View - 4 John 15: 1-17 play.png
17th March am Jonathan Beer Calvary in View - 3 John 14: 1-31 play.png
10th March am John Parker Calvary in View - 2 John 13: 1-17 play.png
3rd March am Jonathan Beer Calvary in View - 1 John 12: 1-36 play.png
24th February am Jonathan Beer How can I explain the Trinity?   play.png
17th February am Fiona Blaker The Fear of Missing Out  [All Age service]   play.png
10th February am Jonathan Beer Is sin such a big deal?   play.png
3rd February am Jonathan Beer What does life as a Christian look like?   play.png
27th January am Jonathan Beer What happened at the cross?   play.png
20th January am John Parker How do I know if I am a Christian?   play.png
13th January am Neil Jones Why is Baptism important?   play.png
6th January am Jonathan Beer Covenant Service   play.png


 Date    Preacher   Theme    
16th December am Fiona Blaker All Age Nativity Service   play.png
9th December am John Parker Advent: The Place   play.png
2nd December am Jonathan Beer Advent: The Promise   play.png
25th November am John Parker What would Jesus say? - The way to salvation Matt 19v16 play.png
11th November am Alun Richards Remembrance   play.png
4th November am Jonathan Beer One Body in Christ Romans 12:5 n/a
28th October am Jeremy Langdon What would Jesus say? - Forgiveness Matt 18:21 n/a
21st October am Jonathan Beer What would Jesus say? - Servant leadership John 13:6 n/a
14th October am John Parker What would Jesus say? - Mercy John 8:5 play.png
7th October am Fiona Blaker Harvest   play.png
30th September am Jonathan Beer Holy Spirit is Presence   play.png
23rd September am Jonathan Beer Holy Spirit is Power   play.png
16th September am Rev Joth Hunt Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him! Mark 4:35-41 play.png
9th September am John Parker What would Jesus say: Who is Jesus Christ Luke 7:20 play.png
2nd September am Fiona Blaker All age service: Loving, Striving, Serving   play.png
12th August am Jonathan Beer Encouragement to pray - 2 Colossians 1:3-14 play.png
5th August am John Parker Encouragement to pray - 1 Ephesians 1: 15-23 play.png
29th July am Jonathan Beer Striving   play.png
8th July am Jonathan Beer The person of the Holy Spirit  Romans 8: 1-17 play.png
1st July am Jonathan Beer The promise of the Holy Spirit John 14 & John 16:2 play.png
24th June am Jonathan Beer Five Marks of Mission - 5 The integrity of creation and the sustaining and renewal of life play.png
17th June am John Parker Another day in the life of Jesus Mark 25: 21-43 play.png
10th June am Debs Niblett A day in the life of Jesus Matthew 14: 13-33 play.png
3rd June am Jonathan Beer Five Marks of Mission - 4 Justice play.png
27th May am Jonathan Beer Five Marks of Mission - 3 Loving Service play.png
20th May am Jonathan Beer Five Marks of Mission - 2 Teach, baptise & nurture new believers play.png
13th May am Fiona Blaker Facing Challenges play.png
6th May am John Parker In Christ we who are many form one body play.png
29th April am Jonathan Beer Five Marks of Mission - 1 Proclaim the good news of the Kingdom play.png
22nd April am Mark Sills Rejoice!   play.png
15th April am The Gideons     n/a
8th April am Jonathan Beer New Beginnings   play.png
1st April am   Easter celebration   n/a
25th March am Jonathan Beer Our Afflictions 2 Corinthians 12 play.png
18th March am Alun Richards Our Generosity 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 play.png
11th March am Jonathan Beer Our Hope 2 Corinthians 5 play.png
4th March am John Parker Our Responsibilities 2 Corinthians 4 play.png
25th February am Girls' Brigade     n/a
18th February am John Parker Our Freedoms 2 Corinthians 3 play.png
4th February am Jonathan Beer Faith & Forgiveness 2 Corinthians 1 & 2 play.png
28th January am Jonathan Beer All you need is love 1 Corinthians 13 play.png
21st January am John Parker 2 Corinthians - An Introduction 2 Corinthians play.png
7th January am Jonathan Beer Covenant Sunday   play.png